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Leading UK Brand

As a longstanding, leading UK brand, we pride ourselves on the research and development into materials, design and technology that has created the superb range of Affinity therapy couches that you see today. With couches suitable for a myriad of treatments and all budgets, we are sure there will be an Affinity couch for you.

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Quality and Reliability

With quality and reliability at the forefront of our thinking, you can rest assured that every product is crafted to the highest of British standards and is covered by CE approval and carries a 2-year warranty.

No matter what your requirements our range will exceed all your expectations

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Why Affinity

Quality Without Compromise.

All Affinity couches continue to evolve from our understanding of what you as a therapist want and, more importantly, what you expect from a leading manufacturer. We are immensely proud of our reputation for quality, reliability, innovation and unquestionable value.

With comfort and well-being of client/patient our prime consideration, our ergonomic designs are engineered to ensure your own comfort too, with many innovative ideas for close work and posture support. We know that a comfortable therapist will always give a better treatment.

When you buy Affinity you buy with confidence.

Fantastic quality at a fantastic price. I couldn’t be more pleased with my choice. I was expecting a starter couch for training but this is first class.

An Affinity Customer